Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Reading

I've been the token feminist among my friends at home since I got into a fight about feminism at the lunch table at the mature and wise age of 15. It usually means nothing more than comments about leg hair, but this summer some of my friends are starting to think I might be onto something. I've gotten a few requests from both men and women for some reading recommendations. I sent my friend Andrew off to Colorado with Feminism is for Everybody and a few articles. My friend Olivia is getting started on Yes Means Yes! which is less of a feminist intro and more of a generally awesome book.

The books, articles, and zines I've focused on most recently have been pretty theoretical and specific; in other words, they wouldn't make great introductions.
But I'd like to know what you all would recommend. This could also spill over into additions to the Crozier book collection, which we're hoping to make better use of next year.


  1. Feministing editors can apparently read my mind:

  2. i just read "the body project" by joan jacobs brumberg and its SUPERGREAT for someone new to the field. she uses a historical analysis that goes up through the 90's to talk about the evolving ways that consumer culture and technological/medical advances have affected the way that women view their bodies. the use of girls diaries to illustrate the difficulties girls face as they learn to navigate a world that sexualizes them younger and younger makes for a fun but still poigniant read. hope that helps!